Wood, Sweat and Tears (Extended) - The life and guitars of Roger Bucknall
"Here we are, the new book. Well, not entirely new, it still has nearly all the content that was in the original "Wood Sweat and Tears" - history, stories, artists, gossip, lots and lots of background and explanation, with a heavy emphasis on pictures of the more unusual and exotic instruments. early twice as much content as the original.
All of that has been edited and compressed, with lots of extra stories added, more intros from artists and friends, more of my thoughts on wood and guitar making, a lot more special guitars and some photo essays about certain projects. It now has 73,000 words, 500 full colour photographs and 290 pages. That is nearly twice as much content as the original." Roger Bucknall.
"This book is the work of Michael English, not just in putting it together, amazing photography and stupendous amounts of time, but in encouragement, friendship, and nagging me to get it done. He has also done more than anybody in getting me “from there to here”. Thank you Mike, we made a good team the first time round, and perhaps an even better team the second time." RB