Head, Heart, Hand a boatbuilder’s story
To coincide with our 30th anniversary of boatbuilding we have published a book, "Head, Heart, Hand - a boatbuilder's story", which tells the history of our boatyard and the boats we build and maintain. The book is hardbound with a full-colour jacket and is printed in full colour throughout its 132 pages. This booktease shows some of the pages from the book.

"To write about yourself is not easy for a craftsman, partly because we are not practiced at the art and partly because “blowing your own trumpet” is not a comfortable thing. However, I have come to know many boats and many people over the last 30 years and therefore this seemed like a good time to record some of the really special boats and the special people that have played their part in creating Henwood & Dean, and to give the reader a view, from one boatbuilder and his boatyard, of how and why we work with boats built of wood.

"The pages are not just about our boats; they are also about Michael English’s beautiful photographs, his designer’s eye and his enthusiasm for the project." Colin Henwood
Copies of the book are available to buy for £45 + pp. Click the appropriate «Add to Cart» button below.

If you would like further information please send an email with your request.

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